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A US distributor providing customers ready access to the oil, fuel, minerals, agriculture, chemicals and water remediation markets.

Oil with consistency you can trust because we are involved in every step of the supply chain.

We will provide you with oil that performs every time. No exceptions. Delivered when and where you need it. No Excuses.

From Diesel Engines to Generators to Jet Fuel

We have the fuel you need to keep everything running smoothly. Delivered where and when you need it.

Frac Sand, Steam Coal, Salt, Barite, Sulphur

Minerals are essential in many explorations. We have what you need to assure the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation.

Grains, Nitrogen Fertilizer, Humate

We have experience in international delivery: FOB and CIF

From Acetates to Alcohol, Glycol Ethers to Plasticizers

We have 66 of the most sought-after chemicals to make your operation run successfully.

Responsible companies strive to recapture natural resources.

We can help you do it without the use of hazardous chemicals. It’s a win-win for the environment and the bottom line.
Geneva supplies a wide range of services to help businesses run smoothly. Let us know how we can help.


We carry a range of base oils in a variety of viscosities, as well as hydraulic, motor, and transmission oils. Just provide us your specifications and we will work with you to get your exact needs met.


Geneva fuels are categorized by API Gravity (weight and viscosity), as well as BTUs. We carry diesel, bio-diesel, jet, marine, and ethanol.


Acetates, Acids, Alcohols, Amines, Aromatics, Chlorinated Solvents, Glycols, Surfactants, Glycol Ethers, Ketones, Inorganics, Plasticizers, and more. Please see our complete line of 66 popular chemicals here.

Water Remediation

Services, products, and equipment to help your operations facilitate proper water remediation. From extraction, storage, shipment, disposal, and more.


Frac Sand, Rocks, Soils, Sands, Gravel, Concrete, Asphalt, and much more – we have what you need, when and where you need it.


Agricultural products such as chemicals, aggregates, fuels, anhydrous ammonia, fertilizer, and much more. Let’s work together to determine the best products for your application.

Our Logistic Services

By Ship

We make international shipping easy. We take care of the details so you can focus on your business.

By Rail

Our Rail Freight shipping is down to a science.

By Truck

Want your order delivered right to your door? We can do that!

By Pipeline

Keep it underground and we’ll direct it to you.

About Geneva International


Geneva International is a true distribution partner who brings longstanding industry relationships and senior-level attention to every transaction in order to give customers — both large and small – global access to quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional service.


Trusted long-standing industry relationships

Geneva International has over 30 years’ experience and connections in the oil, fuel, minerals, agriculture, chemicals and water remediation markets, as well as the related industry infrastructure, such as equipment and transportation. This gives Geneva International a trusted network across a variety of markets that can be leveraged for its customers.


Senior level stewardship

Geneva International owners and general managers personally oversee every transaction with both suppliers and buyers. This provides the highest level of personal oversight and diligence to ensure the success of every transaction. This approach has gained Geneva International a reputation as a trusted distribution partner and earned increasing levels of repeat business from customers.


Market access

Geneva International uses strategic partnerships around the world to source the highest quality products and competitive prices for both large and small customers alike. Because of Geneva International’s relationships in the equipment and transportation industries, product can be sourced and delivered quickly by rail, truck, ship or pipeline. Geneva International owners thrive on exceeding customers’ expectations and leverage their strong industry network to benefit every customer.

Geneva uses strategic partnerships around the world to provide the best quality products and services to all of our clients.

Let’s Do Business

We are big believers in forging strong, long-standing relationships. By being responsive and reliable, we earn the trust of our stakeholders every day. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and do things right the first time. We always maintain open lines of communication. Because of this, our customers trust us and want to partner with us whenever possible.
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